Friday, September 26, 2008

Enough with the damned zombie covers already.

Dear Marvel,

Okay, okay, I get it. Marvel Zombies & Marvel Zombies II did really well and you're setting things up to get readers stoked for MZIII. Totally cool and a sensible marketing paradigm.

But do we have to continue with the 'zombiefied' covers? I just don't see the need for them anymore. You've done so many zombie variant covers it just doesn't work as a draw, at least for me anyway. Maybe work it in as a surprise? Do the regular version of the cover, then the inside front cover could be the zombified version. Why give that page away to Spaghettios or an escalade ad or somesch when you could use that spot to build some hype? That way I get an unexpected bonus, you get some free publicity and we all go home happier.

That said, this cover is pretty boss:

Blue blazes!



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