Wednesday, October 7, 2009

These things, I give them to you for free:

As I mentioned in a previous review, Red 5 Comics' Atomic Robo is joy. I encourage you to go to their site to show some love (or pick up the individual issues and previous trades in one fell swoop, as they're still available for order from finer comicbook stores everywhere. Like this one, say). It is bliss in purest form, and an example of just how amazingly entertaining and enjoyable a comicbook can truly be.

Yet I can understand that there may be some hesitation involved in committing to a series you've never heard about or really sampled in terms of flavor. So you know what? I'm such a swell guy I'm going to link you to Nuklear Power, where creators Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener have done a free Atomic Robo story. Free! Who are you to resist free joy? Read it here.

You know I spoil you.

Stac, aka the Linkatic.

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