Thursday, January 29, 2009

Visit scenic Skataris!

To balance my feelings of disgruntlement, I'm going to share something that makes me ever so happy:

DC is bringing back Mike Grell's kick-ass series The Warlord in April. Back in the day, this centre of the Earth sword and sorcery epic was one of the company's top sellers. I remember reading my cousin's back issues and finding Travis Morgan to be the most badass character in comics who wasn't a superhero. Apparently there are plans to give the previous run a slick trade paperback treatment, though to be honest I'd take a black and white Showcase-style phonebook of the classic series without a smidge of protest.

I mean seriously, look at this:
And this:

If babes, brawn, and awesome winged helmets aren't your bag you could always try something else. Crochet maybe. For me though, this is epic.

Epic metal.


Ps. Comic Book Resources has a great interview with Grell (from which I. . .uh. .. appropriated these awesome covers) to be found here. Check it out, it's quite good.

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