Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wherein one tries not to fly off the handle.

Okay, I'm doing my very, very best to be good here. I've long maintained that while we each have a right to an opinion, it should be an informed one. So I am most assuredly not going to take what I've read about and seen in regards to the seventh and last issue of Final Crisis and turn it into an angry, angry rant.

I've decided I'm going to need to take a look at this in depth and objectively, so this weekend I'll be purchasing a copy from my friendly neighborhood comicbook store. I will give Grant Morrison the benefit of the doubt and take a look at the denoument of this year's biggest epic without any expectations, and see if the whole thing holds water. After all, Superman Beyond did charm me, so I shouldn't take what I've seen on scans_daily as the sum total of the entire book.

But oh, has issue #6 and what I've seen thus far irk me. But I'm being good. Oh so good.

For now.


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