Monday, April 27, 2009

Woof. . .

Okay, things will be slow this week as I'm recovering from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo and the demon cold that settled into my system just in time for the weekend.

The show was as awesome as my brother and I could have hoped for. Ryan owns and operates Red 5 Collectibles, his pride and joy which does its ample best to provide Calgary with the finest in merchandise from all four corners of fandom. If you haven't been by the website please do and see what you think of his wares. Even in today's rough economy Ry busts his hump to provide the best deals possible. We had a great time at the show and I plan to give it the full article treatment with the hope that it'll give you a dealer's-eye view of how these cons work.

So a rough schedule will be:

Monday-Recovery from Con(plus I bought a stack of comics that I want to read. Ah heh heh. . .)

Wednesday - CCEE piece.

Friday - Hero Tune-Up: Aquaman.

Until next time,


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